Team pain was established in 2007, but don't let that fool you. Our team of qualified instructors have been involved in all forms of Martial Arts for decades. With multiple black belts, fights in the cage and the ring, and years of combined training, we can help anyone step into the cage or just protect themselves and their families from bullies.

We are less expensive than most because this is our fun not our job. We are not making a living by teaching, we are just doing what we love to do. We wouldn't charge at all, but we have to cover our costs.

Rico Engberg, the owner of Team Pain has many years in Law Enforcement and fugitive recovery. He comes from a family of boxers & martial artists. Let him and the other Team Pain instructors share their experience with you.

If you are looking to get in the cage, get in better shape, or just learn the best in self defense, we are the 1 stop shop for all. You don't have to fight to be part of our family.

We will teach anyone, with the exceptions of people who have committed any kind of crime against a child or if you are a bully. If you have hurt a child in any way, stay away, you are not welcome at our gym!